You’re a professional.  And you run your business like one.

You need contracts for your business.  You know you do.  But they need to fit what you do – like a glove.  And speak your language.  Without costing a fortune.


At DASH legal we provide custom legal packages specifically tailored for busy professionals like you. 


The best part?


There’s no fine print.

Our contracts are written in ordinary English with no legalese. 


They’re brief, beautiful and to the point. 


Even better, they’re effective.


Whether you’re a developer, coach, creative or blogger, we’ve got you covered.

Each of our packages is tailored to a specific profession, so you’ll get everything you need.  But only what you need.



• legal protection for your website

• a full suite of contracts and other documents tailored specifically for your profession

 • clear guidance on common legal issues you’ll face including business structures, intellectual property and employees

 • tools to help you avoid problems before they occur


and all in clear, ordinary English.

You’ll also get access to our  monthly “Ask Us Anything” calls.




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DASH for Coaches

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DASH for Bloggers & Podcasters

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Oh my goodness!  My inner nerd is so excited about this!!  This is the first legal contract that I have read from start to finish.  Seriously.  You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for something like this!

Jeanie de Beer

Creative Director, Create by Faith Advertising & Branding

Be Fearless!  You’re legal.

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